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(note i hate capitalized words...please do not be offended on my punctuation!)

it has been some time since i have done this whole blogging thing..i was probably 16 using xanga or livejournal last time i have done something like this, but yesterday i just got the notion to start this back up.

im a confused 20 year old, i will be a junior majoring in advertising design. however, i am not really sure where i want to go with this whole thing; i know i have two years left still but everyone else around me (my friends) know what they want to do with their life and i am rather frustrated.(if anyone who reads this is in the art/design world please inform me on some interesting ideas!!!!) im not controlling but i do like to have things planned out, and this is something that isn't planned out. ACTUALLY this whole up coming school year is kind of up in the air; i always wished i had joined a sorority my freshman year, and i am debating whether or not  to do it this year. i am confused whether or not my heart is in swimming anymore..this college swimming is such a let down for me compared to my accomplishments in high school; i get so upset, kind of depressed, and stressed out during the swim season now and it takes the fun out of something that i have loved for so long. also i would like to have weekends open to go to design conferences, workshops, etc., and i do not have that option 2 out of the 3 quarters that swimming takes up! another reason i would like to stay on the swim team is my friends, we all had a fall out with each other this year (the 4 of us all doing our own thing) and this summer we all gained our composure, and if i dont swim i wont have all that much time to spend with them; but i suppose that means we will all just have to make a better effort to see each other.

i am sorry this first post is me rambling and not that interesting...like i said i am confused and have so many decisions to make, well one; swimming, and i have less than a month to figure it out HELP!

on Aug 23, 2008

First, welcome to JU.  We have several college students here.

Sounds like you are going through some very NORMAL growing pains as far as the swimming and friends thing go.

Your Jr year is supposed to be when the classes in your major start to open your eyes to the field.

So, skip freaking because you don't have your life all planned out at this moment.  My suggestion?  Go talk to one of your art/design advisers and try to nail down what appeals to you about the career, and how you can pigeon hole that attraction.

They are professionals in the field and should be able to help you decide if 1.  You're cut out for the job.  2.  If its something you want to do.

The reason a lot of people do a 4 year degree in 5 years is because they change majors after their JR year when they discover the field they chose, isn't what they thought, when disillusionment sets in..heh.

Unless you are swimming on a scholarship, or training for something bigger, unless college swimming is a bridge to somewhere else in the swimming world, if you are not enjoying it..drop it.

I have a nephew who was a star athlete in hs.  He went to college expecting to be the same way.  He was crushed when the experience lost its luster.  He found out he liked the accolades much more than the actual sport, because without them he thought participating sucked.  He wasn't happy to find this out about himself, but he accepts it and has moved on to other things.

I don't know if that's what you're feeling, but if it is, then drop it.  It will de-stress your life.

It's called growing.  heh.

As for a sorority.  Go for it.  I can honestly say it wasn't the classes that made college so special, but all the extra things to be involved in.  That is where you meet people who you end up crossing paths with later in life, and the stronger your connection to them in college, the better your networking later in life.

Get involved in as much as possible, things that interest you, things you might be interested in.  If swimming is no longer "it" dump it and fill your time with other things.

This is your time to grow, to taste a lot of different fields (by participating in their extra programs/clubs, you don't have to take classes in broadcasting to work at the campus radio station, or classes in government to be in student gov, etc).

That's all I got.  Put yourself out there, do stuff, and new friends will come naturally.

Good luck.


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