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September 4, 2008 by camp-in-the-afternoon
2 more hours, and I will finally be done with babysitting for the summer, and off to school tomorrow!  Summer, well it was long and very borning (most of the time) but now that three and a half months have past...I honestly do not know where the time went; it always happens that way (so long while your in the duration..once it's over you sit here wondering where is time going?). I am still nervous about school, mainly because I have been so lazy this summer and I hope that I can get out of ...
August 23, 2008 by camp-in-the-afternoon
this is probably the first time caffine has affected me, of course i have to work in the morning and cannot fall asleep!
August 22, 2008 by camp-in-the-afternoon
(note i hate capitalized words...please do not be offended on my punctuation!)

it has been some time since i have done this whole blogging thing..i was probably 16 using xanga or livejournal last time i have done something like this, but yesterday i just got the notion to start this back up.

im a confused 20 year old, i will be a junior majoring in advertising design. however, i am not really sure where i want to go with this whole thing; i know i have two years left still but everyone els...